1970 Hot Wheels Tune-Up Tower Drive-thru

It’s neat to see this kind of nostalgia from time to time. This guy really loves Hot Wheels, and he manages to make it fun for this girl. 🙂

Hot Wheels Race Tracks 68-71

It’s time for a tour of the 1970 Hot Wheels Tune-up Tower.

Tune-Up Tower box art - front. Courtesy eBay Tune-Up Tower box art – front. Courtesy eBay

We have 3 floors to drive thru.

A fully assembled Tune-Up Tower. A fully assembled Tune-Up Tower.

1st floor The first floor.

2nd floor The second floor.

3rd floor The top floor.

Today we’ll head into the Tune-Up Tower driving a ’73 Firebird Trans-Am.

Firebird coming in.

Merging into tower. Swinging out the merger bar lets you drive your car into the tower.

img_3956 With the elevator down, the safety bar goes up and lets your car in.

img_1738 Going up!

The main feature on the top floor is the dyno-meter treadmill.


img_1676 Here are the stickers adjacent to the treadmill.

img_1680 And on the far side of the treadmill.

img_1678 Close-up of the Firestone tire section.

img_1679 Close-up of the Good Year tire part.

img_3926 Parked on the top floor…

img_3998 …sitting on a molded hoist.

img_1609 On the ramp waiting to head back to the track.

img_3927 Up goes the ramp.

img_3931 Off goes the Firebird.

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