Vertigo… AWAY!!!

I realized, a couple of weeks ago, that I was doing something I normally REALLY dislike because it aggravates my vertigo. *ding* I was NOT suffering from the vertigo!

Then, a couple of days later, I discovered that at least SOME of the cause for my vertigo is, surprise, stress.

I haven’t had any epic bad days with it for a little while, and that’s a HUGE relief. It didn’t magically disappear, as I’d initially thought it might have. (Every Dr. I spoke with about it told me that sometimes that’s how it works: one day you have it, and then one day you don’t: still no cause ever found, but since it’s over, who cares?) But it’s another reason for me to keep working on my mental health.

Had an esophagogastroduodenoscopy (I call it “upper endoscopy” or “upper scope”) a couple of weeks ago. Slept like CRAZY afterwards, surfaced to consciousness that was nearly functional late the following day. CRASHED hard all weekend; of course my stomach was upset; I kept it empty ON PURPOSE for 12 hours straight, then some dude stuck this weird thing down into it & took some scrapings! Ugh.

Saw the psychiatrist 4 days after the scope. Ha, ha, I had to tell her I think things are going fine, because two weeks before, I was the best I’d been for quite some time, and was feeling “normal” again. But, with the scope & anesthesia, it was kind of expected that I crashed. Sure enough, THAT NIGHT my brain was telling me, “you should adjust your meds.” sigh

Well, either way, things are better than they were, by a lot. They may never be the same as how they were before April, but I keep thinking that’s not such a bad thing, either; I’ve learned a lot that I otherwise would not have. I now know there are some coping mechanisms that CAN help me, as long as I remember them.

Thank you, everyone, for your prayers, thoughts, and wonderful comments.

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