Patriarchal Blessing

This is a phenomenon that seems unique to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Maybe it isn’t. For me it was an absolutely new and foreign concept, four years ago. I received promptings fairly quickly that I should request mine. I had my interview and was granted permission. I felt awkward about it & didn’t follow up. Then, my Mother converted and was granted permission to receive her own Patriarchal Blessing. She was kind enough to invite me along. It was amazing. Powerful. Uplifting. A relief and a comfort. And I let it go. After promptings following the April Conference regarding my Father, I finally remembered I hadn’t followed up on those first, early promptings about this Patriarchal Blessing “Thing.”

Well, I did it. It was a moving and powerful experience. Then, it came in the mail, the other day. Perhaps some of the feelings are diminished, but not by much. I now understand why other Members urged me to pursue it, why they didn’t understand my fears.

I want to document that it has changed my life. It has given me purpose at a time when I was definitely foundering. It didn’t answer all of the questions I thought up beforehand. It answered questions I hadn’t asked in a very long time. It is a comfort. It is a foundation. It is HOPE.

I am more vividly reminded that This Life is NOT All There Is. But, what I do here and now does have eternal consequences.

Best of all? God can turn ANYTHING to His purposes of Good! And He fully intends to, and DOES, all the time for us! It’s a question of ALLOWING Him to work in our lives. It’s a question of turning away from the Enemy, and turning TO God.

This life is a Battle. One in a series of at least Two Great Battles. When we die, the War is not over! Based on our position upon departure, we may have more fighting to do. We may have risen above certain Influences, or not. But the Work is not done!

I am comforted to know that I have Begun the Work. Others who departed before me have reassured me that they are still There, and Happy. I SO appreciate that comfort!

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for your patience and perseverance.

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