Sundays have changed for me, over the years. Today, I am moping about waiting for my Home Teachers to come in a little while.

The key is, it’s the Sabbath. Time spent only with God and Family, or In Service To Others. I spend it mostly at home, either before or after church, depending on what year it is. (This year, church starts at 9am. Last year, it started at 1pm.) I used to spend a lot of it on homework.

No homework, right now. And not for the foreseeable future. Doctor has told me NOT to go back to school until the Vertigo is resolved. *sigh* I was heartbroken in the moment, and for about a week afterwards. I’m starting to see it as an opportunity to get “caught up” at work. (That’s a total misnomer; I don’t think we’ve EVER been truly “caught up” since I started working there in early 2007!) I’m starting to see it as an opportunity to “do all those things I always want to do.”

Except, Vertigo. Now, I’ve always struggled to work a 40-hour workweek. But 30 hours has begun to look impossible, especially in the face of “oh, we can get by fine on 20-25 hours of work per week.”

As long as Pete stays at his job, we’re probably fine. And, since every year there is some sort of raise, we’re doing increasingly fine. Heck, I got a raise, last year! It was, of course, mostly a directive sort of raise, not entirely a “merit-based” raise, but SOME of that somewhere IS merit-based! WOW!

Maybe it’s the Vertigo, maybe I’m growing up; I just don’t enjoy shopping the way I used to. I don’t look forward to trips out after arriving home from work. The other day I realized, I didn’t even want to get on my computer after getting home from work. I don’t enjoy spontaneity the way I used to. Now part of that is ABSOLUTELY a “side-effect” of treating my ADHD (discovered FOR THE FIRST TIME when I was 36, in 2012!). Part of that is ABSOLUTELY I am satisfied with my home & life: I don’t go looking for stimulation wherever I can find it.

Okay, this is totally random thoughts, stream-of-consciousness stuff. I’m also drowsy/sleepy/tired today. Perhaps this post is an exercise in staying awake “five more minutes” so I’m not asleep when the gentlemen arrive shortly. It is where I am. I don’t journal or blog, much. I’m more of a FaceBook Sharer, a Like-er. Well, there I are.

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