Another Dizzy Day

So, been struggling with nearly overwhelming dizziness more often than not, of late. Started with a bad cold/sinus infection in April, iirc.

Getting a scan tomorrow. Not certain whether it’s a C/T or a CAT. Talked w/Pete about it of course; we have no clue what either is, or whether they’re different. Another fun adventure into medical technology!

Missed a deadline for an English assignment, yesterday. 😦 But, late only means a few lost points, NOT a zero, so I’ll try later today. NOT looking forward to it: the content is supposed to be about Human Trafficking. Yuck. Maybe that’s why I haven’t dived in? Is that a word; dived? But “dove” sounded wrong, too.

Good friend w/tons of problems had another doozy, yesterday: power got shut off. Due to long-standing dispute over charges incurred by a relative. There had been paperwork submitted by a Dr. in May, but Excel apparently LOST that form. After telling her over the phone in MAY that they’d received it! >.< How much harder does that family’s life have to get???

Mum sent me an email a couple weeks ago about “Anniversary.” Sept 11th, iirc, was our trip to the Temple, last year. I’m not proud to say I haven’t been back since. So, I struggle with “fewer blessings” of late because of my lack of follow-up, I suppose. Not punishment! Just, a lack of return on lack of investment: you can’t earn interest if you don’t put it in the bank to begin with.

Ah, Statistics. First Exam tonight. Not looking forward to it. Who publishes a textbook w/o a Glossary?! Apparently, many! Grrr… Spent a bit on another Stat book at work, yesterday; one that HAD a glossary. Might photocopy that just to make it easier. Started to compile a list of terms from my own Stat book for the class. It’s going to be long. This is why I didn’t actually undertake this idea for Gov’t Accounting in the spring. But I think occasionally about it that I should do that one too anyway.

The summer went by fairly unproductive. Glad I took it off from school, but I’m still really slacking to get back in to the “swing of things” with homework & such. Bad Quiz score for Stats the other day. 😦 But Eng 122 so far is 100%. I wasn’t really worried about much except the word count lmits. How does one write a 2 paragraph PAPER about 2 different aspects of plagiarism, that can’t exceed 300 words?! Apparently, very carefully. But the grade must came in: 100% ! Woohoo!

Yuck, dizzy. Okay, I ate like crap yesterday: tiny bit of yogurt for breakfast, “celebration” Panda Express for lunch; Anna left us at work. 😦 Rushed through linguine for dinner to go to Ace & get lamp oil & King Soopers for ice for my friend w/o power for the night. Grrrrr… So, gamed for the rest of the evening. Read very late. To bed @ 3am. My hours are definitely turning for the worse. But all that added up to very dizzy me staying home today.

Scan tomorrow to find “root cause,” which may simply be “chronic sinus infection.” Scan first; then extended antibiotics, then another scan a month after that course is finished. See if there’s a change, move on to MRI for brain after that. Whee!

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